03 October 2011

Rugby World Cup (Part Three)

Mallory and I took a bus out to Palmerston North this weekend to watch our third Rugby match Georgia v Argentina.  Palmerston North, or Palmy as the natives call it is home to the New Zealand Rugby Museum
But we had no extra time so we did not get a chance to walk through it.  There was too much excitement on the pitch.  Our seats were in the front row!
We were wearing red and rooting for Georgia in honor of our friend Harriet who is now 
living in that country teaching English.  It was a great first half but Argentina stole 
the show in the second half.

As for our Second game, USA v Australia no photos were taken.  Mallory got on television 
and fun was had by all, except perhaps by the USA Eagles who lost. 

10 September 2011

Ruby World Cup (Part One)

The Rugby World Cup has started in New Zealand.  Let the tests begin!  The first night and the opening ceremony was great with the All Blacks beating Tonga.  The city of Wellington was buzzing.
The next night as we were watching USA vs Ireland and trying to figure out the game.
Some guy came up to us with two free tickets so off we went to out first RWC Test.
South Africa vs Wales - it was a good match even for people who could not really tell.
Still nothing beats a good Haka!

More to come soon!

28 August 2011

Martinborough Weekend

As a treat to celebrate Mallory's Birthday on the 25th of August and me getting a new job with the NZSO we decided to book a trip to a little town - aren't they all - called Martinborough which is known for its wines.

Here are a few shots of our Bach that we rented.

On our last day there trying to kill time waiting for the only bus to get back to Wellington, we took a walk down by the river.
Happy Birthday Mallory!

20 August 2011


When Mallory came back home our need to travel and explore was still with us so we decided to take a trip to Porirua.  We ended up playing a game of mini-golf which Mallory beat me handily.

15 August 2011

Cape Cod Summer of 2011

This time around Mallory and I were smart and arranged to go back to the States together although we went our separate ways once we landed.  Here are some photos from my stay at Cape Cod with my Mom, my sister in-law Cara and Kevin, Kell, Emma and Lauren.
 The first day there Kell and I built a robot and  he tried on his new Green Party T-Shirt. Then came the rest of the gang!
All the excitement got too much for Grammy
We went to a Cape Cod League baseball game and got caught in the rain
Auntie came down and we all went out to dinner.  Of course lots of seafood was to be had.

Kell and Lauren were my clam buddies
 and then there was always ice cream!