18 February 2010


Yesterday, I finally received my F.B.I. Identification Record Report and today, I mailed off my Visa Application to New Zealand.  It is scheduled to arrive on Monday the 22nd. I believe it will take about 30 days for me to hear back from them from them about their visa decision.  

16 February 2010

Snow Rally Beard

Since I had so much school off last week, I decided to let my facial hair grow as long as I had no classes.  I grew it for about nine days total.  Mallory was upset when I shaved Monday morning to go to work.  But you decide.


No Beard?

I am not sure what I think, I have never grown a beard before so it was strange to me.  Thinking about letting it grow on my travels to New Zealand. (Reluctant photos by Mallory)

10 February 2010

Snow Storms in Pittsburgh

In the meantime Pittsburgh has over 2 feet of snow from two back-
to-back snow storms.  It has been fun.  Snow storms make
everything new and adventurous.

No Refunds or Exchanges

Yesterday, Mallory and I purchased our one way tickets to Wellington, New Zealand.  I thought Mallory was going to hyperventilate. To be fair I was freaking out about it the night before.  But what seems good about us is that we never seem to flip out at the same time.  Generally, at least one of us is calm in any given situation.

I have still to hear from the F.B.I. and my background check, thus my visa application sits ready to go in my apartment.  Hope to mail it out this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed.