31 March 2010

Immigration Interview

This morning I arrived at work extra early so as I could have a phone interview with Maxine, a New Zealand Immigration officer.  The interview seemed to go well, but of course you always think of
better answers after you are done.  She told me that I should be hearing about their final decision some time next week. 
We are getting to the finish line!

27 March 2010

Well Needed Update

Forty-four more days until we board our plane to New Zealand! But who is counting?   My Visa application is in and I have an phone interview on March 31st with an immigration officer.  This should be the final step of my application process.  Thank goodness, I have been doing this for over a year now!  I am optimistic that things will work out.

Trying to get as much done now before April gets here because I have a feeling it is going to be a whirlwind ride from here on out.  Off to Columbus Monday and Tuesday, Easter with Kell, Mallory heads to St. Louis the following weekend, end of semester, going away party, Mother's day, and leaving.  I hope we have so time to relax during all of this :-).