24 May 2010

Market Day!

Each Sunday morning until the afternoon there is a great Farmer's Market just down the road from us.  There are many vendors selling fruits and vegetables.  We have tried honey, peanut butter, bread, and sausage.  It is fun trying out new things and trying to figure out what they call things.  It is pretty amazing how fresh things are here.

Here is a look at one of the vendors

22 May 2010

Our New Flat - Finally!

After about a week and a half and two days of really sweating it out, wondering what the hell we were going to do next we finally landed a place to live.  It is a small two room (kitchen. bathroom and bedroom) flat in a great neighborhood - walking distance to the center of town.

Mallory in the Kitchen

Our lovely and functional bathroom - but new!

And our bedroom

17 May 2010

First Order of Business - A Place to Live

We spent about a week and a half looking for a flat.  It was a bit adventurous because we do not have a car.  So we had to use what ever mode of transportation we could find: walking, bus, taxi and even getting rides from the people showing us the places.

These are some photographs of the views along the way.

12 May 2010

Our First Day In New Zealand

After nearly two days of travel and many flight changes we finally arrived in Wellington, New Zealand, a bit tired but excited to check out our new city.

This is a picture of Mallory down by the waterfront - our only picture of the day.