22 April 2010

Kell's Last Week in Pittsburgh - continued

On on Tuesday we took care of a few more things on Kell's List of Things to do and went bowling at out favorite bowling ally, Arsenal Lanes.  Yes, we brought Kell but Mallory and I had a lot of fun.  Mallory in fact bowled her best games:152.

20 April 2010

Kell's Last Week in Pittsburgh

Kell came to Pittsburgh for the week of April 15th through the 24th.  We decided to write a list of the things he wanted to do and the places he wanted to go.  Here is him with the list. The list includes:
  • Bowling
  • Science Center
  • Eat Smiley Cookie
  • Pillow Museum
  • Red Robin
  • Baseball Game
  • Big Library
  • Chinese Food
  • Play Splat
  • Nintendo 64
  • Add as Needed
  • Pinball Restaurant

What made our list making and  implementation so fun was that we were joined over the weekend by Mallory's friends from London Alyson, Becca and Shelby.

Here is Kell at Red Robin, the Pillow Museum (The Andy Warhol Museum) and a Pirates Baseball game. Everything was great but the Baseball game was a bit cold.  In the end we wore poor Kell out.

19 April 2010

Jamie is Awesome :-)

After having visited my friend Alyson in St. Louis for a farewell trip before I left, sneaky sneaky Jamie and my London friends surprised me in Pittsburgh the very NEXT weekend! We had a wonderful time spooning, playing, and taking in an all but frigid Pirate's game.

Outside PNC Park on possibly the coldest PPG Place with Becca and Shelby. April day even recorded in Pittsburgh Consequently, they don't have real Heinz ketchup
in NZ, which sucks (I'm aware I've been spoiled)

Not sure why they had to leave ;-( Ok, this is from St. Louis where Alyson won
the prestigious St. Louis Half Marathon - well, she
didn't really win but I was very proud of her!

What a wonderful bunch of friends and boyfriend that would plan this weekend just for ME!! :-)

06 April 2010

Today Was A Very Good Day

Today was a very good day, I was approved for my Residence Visa for New Zealand! We are on our way.

04 April 2010

Easter Weekend

Kell is spending Easter weekend with us here in Pittsburgh, PA.  Lots to do: Friday we went to the Mattress Factory, Saturday we colored Easter Eggs and went to a dance performance at the Byham Theatre, today Easter presents and a party at Paige's new house! Fun!