06 February 2011

NZI Sevens

So, where to begin....

Mallory and I recently responded to a help wanted ad for Red Badge a company that provided event services for the local stadium; WestPac Stadium.  They were looking for help for the upcoming NZI Sevens tournament.  It is staged  over two days and nights, the NZI Rugby Sevens involves 16 international teams competing for points that go towards the International Rugby Board (IRB) Sevens series. Eight tournaments make up the IRB Rugby Sevens series.

The tournament is played under the laws of the game of rugby with some Sevens variations which are framed by the IRB. The 16 teams are split into 4 pools. Play on the first day of the tournament consists of pool matches on a round robin basis. Points are awarded for wins, losses and draws and go towards each team's final points tabulation. Following completion of all the pool matches in day one, the first and second placed teams in each pool progress to the Cup Championship. The third and fourth placed teams of each pool progress to the Bowl Championship.

So all good?  But it is less about the sport and more about a two day party where people like to dress up in costumes and drink as much as humanly possible.  Look at the proof:

 For more photos go here

I'm not going to lie, while the rest of the city enjoyed to two day party, Mallory and I spent most of our time on our feet asking these good people to keep the stairs clear - it was like herding cats.  And where there is lots of beer there are lots of arrests. "Isolated acts of stupidity and severely intoxicated young women kept Wellington police busy during the NZI Sevens. Police arrested 43 people in the central city last night. The majority of these were for disorder and assault.At the stadium yesterday, 28 people were arrested for a variety of offences including disorder, offensive behaviour and pitch invasion. A further 40 people were evicted. On Friday, 16 were arrested at the stadium and 76 evicted, with a further 18 people arrested in the central city overnight."

This is what our walk home looked like.  This is about two blocks from our flat.....

Next year were are definitely dressing up and going ourselves - costumes and all!

It was interesting to say the least. But we need the money so this Wednesday we are off to help out with the Nitro Circus