27 June 2010

Bowling Night

Last night Mallory and I went bowling with our friends Nick and Nicky. Let's just say that it was a very educational evening.  First, we had to make a reservation for the lane.  Mallory and I were just going to show up and bowl - thanks Nick for taking care of that.  Then we discovered that it costs $15 a game per-person.  Needless to say we only bowled one game.  

Then we find out that the pins all have strings attached to them!  When you knock them down they get pulled up and reset.  So the strings added a new element to the game along with a short and non-slippery lead up to the line.  I do not think the pins were very heavy either.  Everything was condensed, not like the fine bowling lanes of Pittsburgh.

 But maybe I am saying all of this because we were solidly beaten by Nick who swore we were going to show up with matching bowling balls and shirts. :-)

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