09 June 2010

Would You Like To Be My Neighbour?

Here are a few more shots of our neighbourhood as well as our flat.  Our flat is coming along nicely as far as decorating is concerned, thanks largely to the Salvation Army and the Warehouse, which is a cross between Target and Wal-Mart.

This is our house - our flat is around the right in the back.

Here are a few photographs of our street and neighbourhood streets.  Everything is basically on a hill/mountain.  From the water level/city center everything goes up.

 This is a shot walking down to the Museum and Adjacent Park
Finally here are a few photos of our "front door" and our backyard

Most homes in New Zealand have no heat, insulation or clothes dryers - although washing machines are pretty standard.  So anytime there is a sunny day everyone rushes to get their laundry done.  In this case the laundry is all ours.

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