14 August 2010

The Petone Winter Carnival

Yesterday, Mallory and I headed north of the city to attend the Petone (Pa-toni) Winter Carnival.  We did not know exactly what to expect from the day of events, but we thought it might be geared towards families with kids which it was.  We did however get to brush up on a few New Zealand to American translations, they are as follows:

Candy Floss = Cotton Candy
Hot Chips = French Fries
Fire show = Fireworks 

The Carnival was on the water which was really beautiful, as always.  The real reason why we went, besides looking for something to do, was that of the fire sculptures!  Here is their advertisement said:

"Quickly becoming a landmark for the Carnival, the Fire Sculptures return but bigger and better than before! Watch local amateurs and nationally renowned sculptors create fantastic pieces of art during the day, and then see the creations burn spectacularly at night."
The gist of it is that they build things of wood and dried seaweed and then set them ablaze 
- very cool!

Not wanting to stick around to see the fireworks we headed into center Pentone to warm up in a local pub and to watch the rugby.  (Here you watch "the rugby" and go to "hospital". ) The bus ride back to Wellington was a noisy one with a full bus and a bunch of people just beginning their night out - it was like a moving party.

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