09 May 2011

Shifting Flats

After several weeks of looking for a new place to live Mallory and I finally found a new place to call home.  Thank goodness, we were about to kill each other in the process!

After much searching around town and on several misadventures we found a new flat across town.  We knew it the minute we walked into it.  We can walk to our old place which is good but it is a long walk.  So even though we are  in familiar territory everything seems different.  The best part of it - among many things is that we both can walk to work with our commute times even got a little shorter.

Because of the tenants in our new place our moving day was Monday 9 May.  We hired out movers: two guys and a very large truck.  They were scheduled at our old flat at 8.00 AM.  The came 10 minutes early and when all was said and done they had us in our new flat by 9.30 AM.  It was pretty awesome.  We had all day to unpack and get settled.  Which we are still doing for the most part, two weeks later.
These are photos of us cleaning and packing up things in our old place.  We will miss it in some ways......


These are our things in our new flat before we started unpacking.  It was pretty amazing how much stuff we had after being here for only a year!   Not as much stuff as we had in Pittsburgh but still a bit baffling.  Why to we humans needs so much stuff?  It is like it is attracted to us!

Once we have our new place settled I promise I will post new photos.  Above is Mallory taking care of a flat shifting related incident.  And oh yeah, our new place actually has a bedroom and a living room!

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