31 July 2010

It's raining

Another day of wind and rain here in Wellington. Nothing unusual for this time of year, but I think we're both getting a little tired of double winter. We've just returned from our final film choice at the NZ International Film Festival - "In the Attic - Who Has a Birthday Today". Anyone with kids should definitely catch this if they can! We were not the only adult couple there, but it was certainly aimed at the younger crowd. The animation however, was impeccably done and the story very heartfelt.

I think Jamie's posted our other film selections, and hopefully some advice on not wasting your time/money on the plot-less, bloody, talent void mess that was The Killer Inside Me (likely to be out in the US at some point).

Well, hope you readers are enjoying Jamie's wonderful photography and his ambition to post updates (obviously) more frequently than I.

Ta for now!

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