31 July 2010

The New Zealand Art Show

Thanks to ours friends Carrie and Rhys, Mallory and I attended the New Zealand Art Show today. It is a three day art exhibit and sales event that takes place each year.  You just pick things off the wall and buy them - very cool.  The work was flying off the walls which was fun to watch.  Most of the pieces were priced  around the $500 range which is a good deal, however out of all the things that were there, many of which were pretty good to excellent, there was nothing that stood out enough for us to make a purchase.  Here are a few photos of the day.

Here is Mallory checking out some art - one of our favorite pieces is on the wall to the left - Sprinkle Jesus.  It is Jesus on the cross figure made up entirely out of  rainbow ice cream sprinkles - yum!

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